Mamacares Grant Policy

Mamacares Education Grant Policy

Upon registering your child, please note that the nursery reserves the right to claim the setting’s Education grant for your child if the child qualifies.

Any losses we incur by you registering your child at another nursery/setting/ after school club at the time, for Nursery Education Grant will become immediately payable by you.

If you register your child with us and you decide to withdraw your child without giving the required 4 weeks’ notice for any reason, we will continue to claim your child’s Nursery Education Grant to cover the notice period of 4 weeks.

Children on Nursery Education Grant are expected to attend childminder’s setting regularly. If your child is unable to attend for whatever reason, please inform us giving the reason for non-attendance. In all cases, we will only keep your child’s place open for 8 weeks of continuous absence.

I/We have read the terms and conditions of Mamacares and agree to abide by them.

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